Teresa in a nutshell

Loves: mountains, snowboarding, mountain biking, her family, Pigdog, Emerson, her friends, Taiwan, Philadelphia, eggplant, melancholic music

Dislikes: improper recycling, littering, binary thinking

Fears: snakes, stagnancy

Really good at: recognizing laughs, discounted used gear shopping, sleeping in moving vehicles

Not great at: house cleaning

Emerson in a nutshell

Loves: mountain biking, ice cream, Pigdog, Teresa, soccer (futbol), powder days, boring days, sharks

Dislikes: climate change

Fears: sharks, not being able to reassemble the bike part he just dismantled

Really good at: planning, packing, wiping windshields, asking for directions

Not great at: shaving regularly, getting haircuts regularly, asking for help, sleeping in moving vehicles

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